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Client comment: I never thought I would be here today, signing papers to close on my own home. I feel great. Thank you to the entire team. -M.B. . . . . Client tip: Scheduling a meeting regarding closing expectations a week before closing would be helpful but I was thankful for our talk! -C.B. . . . . Client tip: I would recommend meeting your agent in person for a consultation. -C.C. . . . . Client comment: Overall, it was a nerve-racking experience but I would do it all over again with Dante. -M.K. . . . . Client comment: Mr. Royster is very considerate and patient. -D.C. . . . . Client tip: Stay connected with your realtor and broker. - T.R. . . . . Client comment: It was a wonderful experience, really appreciate your patience and great work. - M.G.