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Check your credit score and pay down any debt you can. Don't create any new debt. -E.C.

Be patient as it can be a long and tedious process. -O.W.

You may be able to afford it sooner than you think. -A.A.

Have a lot of money put  to the side but not stress about the final numbers to bring to the actual closing. -L.A.

Make sure you have a reliable team (realtor, attorney, mortgage broker). -E.H.

Feel free to look around more and not rush - you have to find the right one for you (goes even for the parties you work with). -Anon.

Do your research on loan type and buying from HUD. -Anon.

Good credit is paramount. - J.L.

Do some research before starting the process. Understanding some of the terms and meaning would make the process easier. - R.H.

Get your paperwork in order. - J.B.

Call Dante Royster. My experience was great. He is very responsive and open to explaining each step of the process. - J.M.

Search around for a loan officer. Never just settle with one. - B.R.

Have a checklist for "all" documents required prior to initiating action forward. - B.C.

Become familiar with the loan process prior to pre-approval. Gather all docs such as statements, job history, etc. - T.R.

Let Dante Royster be your loan officer. He will get it done. - A.C.

I would recommend to do the home buyer online course. It was very helpful when trying to understand all the home buying terms. - V.A.

I would recommend more transparency and support for those who are new to the process. - E.M.

Buyer must remain patient. There are a lot of factors that are out of your control. Trust the process! - D.R.

All inspections are completed and signed off by the village. - S.S.

Stay connected with your realtor and broker. - T.R.

Mr. Royster is very considerate and patient. -D.C.

Overall, it was a nerve-racking experience but I would do it all over again with Dante. -M.K.

I would recommend meeting your agent in person for a consultation. -C.C.

Scheduling a meeting regarding closing expectations a week before closing would be helpful but I was thankful for our talk! -C.B.

I never thought I would be here today, signing papers to close on my own home. I feel great. Thank you to the entire team. -M.B.

I would recommend Dante to work with everybody. -G.W.

Ensure that credit is in good standing with minor infractions that can be corrected easily. -A.S.

Look for a great location with low property taxes and good schools. -G.E.

Do some research and make sure you are aware of the terminology and the process. -T.R.

Start with Dante Royster initially. He’ll serve you way better than any other local loan broker. -D.A.